News Tuesday, December 3, 2019

On Thursday 14th of November 2019 Jint, the National Agency of Belgium/Flanders, organized an inspiration day ‘At home in youthwork’, together with youth organisations Tumult en JES.

150 participants from 70 different organisations exchanged about how youth work is a place where YMRA feel at home. Ayham, Musa, Osman three youth workers, who were themselves young newcomers. spoke with Majd Khalifeh  a journalist, writer and documentary maker  about how they grew through youth work.  

Minne Huysmans of the VUB, the Free University of Brussels gave some reflections from his research about young newcomers in the city:

"When do you stop being newcomer? Young people are much more than a label around which their whole life is structured: refugee"

Throughout the day  practices from different youth organisations, sport organisations and  guidance to employment services  were presented. In the afternoon the focus was on methods, research and the legal framework.