Thuis in het jeugdwerk / At home in youthwork

Events Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Thuis in het jeugdwerk / At home in youthwork
Thursday, November 14, 2019 Brussels

On 14th of November 2019, Jint, the National Agency of Belgium/Flanders, together with Flemish youth organisations JES and Tumult, organises an inspiration day called 'Thuis in het jeugdwerk / At home in youthwork', about YMRA in youth work. It is a day in which more than 25 organisations present their projects or methods, to inspire other youthworkers but also others such as researchers, policy makers, teachers and social workers. In the morning there are sessions with practical examples from the field, in which two organisations present and compare their approaches on a similar topic or thematic. Some examples of sessions: youth work in asylum centres, non-informal language acquisition in youth work both also sessions about cultural expression methods and sport activities. In the afternoon experts introduce the participants in a method (f.e. digital storytelling, Mindspring,…), or they present their academic research.

In the past years, Jint supported several projects about YMRA in youth work, among which Becoming a part of Europe, and this is the opportunity to share all the collected knowledge with a wider public.

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