Youth work IMPACTS Europe, the 2nd European Peer Learning Conference

News Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Youth work IMPACTS Europe, the 2nd European Peer Learning Conference

The second European Peer Learning Conference ended on Thursday 27 of September. More than 70 people took part in Youth work IMPACTS Europe, including project partners, youth workers and young migrants. The event was also attended by representatives of the European Commission, the EU-CoE youth partnership, the Youth Department - Council of Europe, Salto Inclusion and Diversity and was hosted by MOVIT, the Slovenian agency for the youth.

The conference was once again an opportunity for sharing experiences, for enriching the draft policy recommendations report and for planning together how disseminate policy recommendations at national and international level.

One of the guest speakers was dr Anica MiKus Kos. Born in Yugoslavia in 1935, Anica Mikus Kos, as a child, was a witness to the terrible events of World War II: bombings, killings, and violence. These experiences also provided her with a basis for optimism: in the face of the brutality of war, people responded with positive actions. She discovered the capacity of human resiliency and the ability of people to cope with traumatic experiences. Her professional activities with war-affected children are based on her experiences as a child during the war. She believes that the role of teachers, volunteers, and primary health care workers that come in contact with children and their parents are central in providing children with exposure to positive human relationships.

“the most important thing in providing support is humanity not only training techniques ”

A human rights-based approach was also stressed by Mr Rui Gomes, Head of Education and training of the youth department of the Council of Europe. There is much happening on the topic and now the challenge is to upscale and maximise the work done at policy level. Stay tuned for the next activities of the BpE Project!